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Few categories are as competitive in the Indian marketplace as fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The sector is expected to reach over $50 billion in terms of sales in 2016 as new entrants and old players jostle for favour with consumers. To stay on top of constantly evolving consumer needs, companies need to ideate and innovate smartly with streamlined internal processes that ensure that only the best ideas reach consumers.
Proposition Plays The Differentiator
Traditional marketing strategy typically involves using the “5-P framework of product, place, pack, promotion and price.” To this we add two more components that have now risen to prominence – People and Proposition. ‘People’ – perhaps the most complex of these elements, entails dealing with acquiring a thorough and complete understanding of the consumer segments a brand determines to serve. Equally “Proposition” is a vital component, especially in the hyper-competitive FMCG space. In an industry where establishing meaningful product differentiation is becoming more and more difficult, a winning proposition can drive initial momentum, long-term success and loyalty. Nielsen – Read more and download report…

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