Wal-Mart loses everyday low price edge as Aldi opens across US

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Having made inroads against Woolies and Coles in Australia, Aldi is taking on the biggest retailer in the world?.
In the Southern California town of Beaumont, Wal-Mart shoppers must drive past a new Aldi store – a recent addition to the German grocery-store chain seeking to beat the US retail giant at its own game: selling food at rock-bottom prices.
Aldi is betting that many in Beaumont will never make it to Wal-Mart. Like hundreds of other stores family-owned Aldi has opened in recent years, the Beaumont store is strategically located to siphon off Wal-Mart’s thrifty shoppers with prices that can average almost 20 per cent less than those at its giant competitor. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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