Nano tracer aims to resign fake goods to the reject pile

 In Australia, NewZealand
As law enforcement and retailers continue to fight against the lucrative international counterfeit industry, an Australian company is claiming its cheap tools will change how the industry will tackle fake goods from China.
Sydney-based YPB has purchased tracer patents developed by China’s Dalian Maritime University to pair with its own scanners and acquired Brand Reporter, a US-based start-up that developed a platform for companies to identify and track counterfeit products in the supply chain and at retail points.
"Only two people in the world know the tracer formula," said John Houston, chief executive,  YPB Group, highlighting the secrecy required in combatting counterfeiters.
Fittingly, YPB’s name translates in Chinese to "You Pin Bao" or "excellent brand protection". Prior to launching YPB, Mr Houston spent 20 years in Asia as a telecommunications and IT entrepreneur. He said most counterfeit goods in circulation around the world originated from China.
"Counterfeiting is an enormous industry valued at $1.7 trillion, but you don’t hear about it that much because people aren’t that proud of it," he said. "But it is a big issue."  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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