Nabbing grocery shoppers where it counts most – at the store shelf

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In a dramatic shift, consumer-products giant Unilever Canada Inc. will soon move almost all its marketing spending for its Knorr products – about $5-million annually – to in-store initiatives such as displays, signs, samplings and chef appearances while ditching television, radio, digital and other media ads.


In a race to breathe new life into the 174-year-old Knorr brand, Unilever president John LeBoutillier is trying to grab shoppers’ attention at the store aisle where most – 76 per cent – of today’s purchasing decisions are being made, compared with 70 per cent in 1995.


Unilever’s effort reflects the growing importance of in-store pitches at a time when trumpeting a message in other media is becoming increasingly fragmented. It underlines the urgency among suppliers to win back some control over the store aisle from retailers, who call the shots not only on product placement but also marketing and merchandise offerings. In an uncertain economy, consumer product titans feel a growing pressure to find new ways for their inventory to stand out from merchants’ own private labels, which get prime shelf space. The Globe and Mail – Read more…
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