Helping Independent Grocery, Convenience & Impulse during this pandemic.

 In Australia


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues it is very important that all of us follow Australian Government Guidelines and practice social/physical distancing and self-isolation where necessary.

With Independent Grocery and Convenience & Impulse stores being a vital part of the local community, as well as an essential service, it is important that these workers are protected, as well as those who service them.

To aid with physical distancing the Purveyance Retailer Marketplace can be used to contact the companies below, as well as place stock orders for your stores (direct supply and turn-over) for their products 24/7. This will accommodate conformance to the 1.5M distancing rules.

Help Independent Grocery, Convenience & Impulse. COVID-19
Help Independent Grocery, Convenience & Impulse. COVID-19

If you haven’t yet registered in the marketplace (it’s free) then use the following YouTube videos to help get started:

The team at Purveyance Retailer are available to help pharmacies and vendors through this difficult time. We can be reached on 02 9279 3737 or the Contact menu at for any questions or assistance you may require.

Stay vigilant and safe.

Frank De Palo
Managing Director
De Data Pty Ltd ACN 078 767 521

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