How Do You Localize A Global Brand Strategy?

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Marketers must balance global and local needs in their campaigns. How do they pull it off?
Isn’t it marvellous how richly diverse the world is? Every adage about travelling rings true when you cross borders and experience it first-hand. I mean, who hasn’t quaffed Sangria on a beach and waxed lyrical about the world’s wonders?
Of course, context is everything. When you are tasked with the tall order of devising a brand strategy that both aligns with your company’s global message and is attuned to individual markets — differences between countries can be head-ache inducing.
These differences are marked when it comes to healthcare systems, which are a product of a country’s unique social, political and economic makeup. Marketing teams at pharma companies are acutely aware of this fact.
How do marketers navigate these tensions and how distinct are the differences from market to market? This is a perennial challenge, says Tina Goyal, Global Head of Market Development, Novartis. “I have been in this industry now almost 25 years and I have never seen a company maintain a profound level of centralization.” eyeforpharma – Read more…

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