All about De Data

De Data is the home of quality sales force automation.

Founded in 1993, we’ve got 25 years behind us. We’re a global software consultancy, dedicated to delivering the finest CRM solutions. We’ve been part of exciting change in Pharmacy and Consumer Packaged Goods, and forecast huge growth across other marketplaces.

We’re a team of switched on, customer-focused software experts, and we’re passionate about the people and teams we work with.

Where are we?

We’re based in Sydney, Australia. But, Purveyance is a global product, with usage also in New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand.

About Purveyance

Purvey means ‘to supply’. With our CRM, you’ll have the tools to push your data out to your team, and receive data back.

It’s that simple. And we like to make your life simple.