Our leaders

Frank De Palo

Managing Director

As founder, and Managing Director of De Data, Frank has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, including Business Improvement and Analyst roles. In a world of rapidly changing mobile technologies, he gets a kick out of improving and optimising the way businesses work.

Frank has been providing sales automation systems for over 23 years, to industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Industrial. His perseverance means he’s always breaking new ground and changing the way each industry evolves with their marketplace.

He’s also passionate about effective sales execution, and territory management for field sales and merchandising teams, through the power and automation of the Purveyance solution.

Frank has a patient nature, an eye for detail and loves picking up a good book. He’s also a natural in the kitchen.


Michael Burgess

Technical Director

With a strong background as an IT consultant and Analyst Programmer, Michael’s been helping provide solutions to our clients for 22 years – he lives for improving their entire work experience.

Michael has a keen eye for industry trends, ensuring we match the latest techniques and technologies to the right projects. His goal is to ensure we’re giving clients the best solution.

Michael loves to spend time with his family, play cricket and golf.


Christian Andersen

Technical Specialist

Christian is our resident Technical Specialist. His expertise stems from a career as a Mobile and Systems Level Analyst Programmer, and the results he produces speak for themselves.

Christian loves playing around with technology, always hunting for the biggest impact – and he gets a real thrill from seeing the end product come to life. A team player, he flexes his creative muscle to influence and maximise the result you get.

Christian is a family man and loves quality time with his kids. He also has a small recording studio where his creative streak sees him compose and record music as inspiration strikes.