Uncommon Sense: If Your Category is Too Crowded, Expland It With Demand-Driven Innovation

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To state the obvious, brand managers spend their days looking for ways to grow their brands—and today they have more tools at their disposal than ever before. The challenge of media fragmentation matched with the opportunity provided by big data have come together to give brand managers the ability to target specific “micro” audiences with more tailored messaging, resulting in more efficient growth.
These tools provide the most impact for brands in emerging categories that are still attracting new consumers or in categories with “expandable” consumption—categories in which consumers might conceivably use more of a product over the same time period, whether by increasing consumption on a given occasion or increasing occasions of consumption. In these cases, there’s an opportunity to grow not only the brand, but the category as well, because you’re attracting new buyers or you’re able to generate more value from current buyers. Nielsen – Read more…

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