NOW NEW NEXT: How Growth Champions Create New Value

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To generate new organic growth for both the short and long term, businesses need to explore three horizons for action.
Hw do companies such as LEGO, Chobani, Beats, Diageo, and Dollar Shave Club significantly outgrow their competition, and what can consumer companies learn from them?
Today, consumer-facing companies find themselves in a challenging predicament. They are investing billions of dollars in marketing and innovation to win the favor of consumers—but to seemingly little effect on market share. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company research, only 7 percent of corporate growth is driven by market-share gains, with the rest being driven by “where to play” choices: M&A and portfolio momentum. In the race to shift their momentum, many companies never quite catch up with the market, which remains a step ahead, while headwinds in their core categories hold them back.
Nevertheless, there are clearly exceptions, organic “growth champions” that create their own momentum and win the race. McKinsey & Company – Read more…

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