Abbott government to move on country of origin food labels after hepatitis A outbreak linked to imported frozen berries

 In Australia, NewZealand
The Abbott government says it will act on country of origin labelling in the wake of the hepatitis A outbreak from frozen berries imported from China.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has asked Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to prepare a submission for cabinet by the end of March.
"For too long, people have been talking about country of origin labelling. And nothing much has changed," Mr Abbott said.
"Plainly, whenever we have a problem with imported food in particular, people want to know more about where their food, where their products are coming from."
The move comes after consumer groups and farmers renewed calls for tougher country of origin labelling rules after 18 people tested positive for hepatitis A after eating frozen Patties berries that were believe to be contaminated.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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