Targeted therapies raise the number of subsidised high-priced drugs

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The number of high-priced drugs being subsidised by the Commonwealth has dramatically increased in recent years as pharmaceutical companies produce more targeted therapies for smaller groups of patients.
According to the federal Health Department, there are 61 drugs listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that cost more than $5000 each time they are dispensed.
In 1991, $2800 would have had the same buying power as $5000 today. Yet the most expensive drug listed on the scheme in 1991 cost $843 – less than a third of this amount.
In response to a question from Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, the department said while there were a similar number of drugs costing $20 or less in 1991 and 2014, "the number of higher cost listings has grown significantly".
More than 500 drugs are currently listed on the PBS with a cost of between $1001 and $5000.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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