Private label grocery sales rise 6.6pc, outpacing other brands

 In Aldi, Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths
Private label groceries were once so cheap and nasty they were hidden at the bottom of the shopping trolley under national brands such as Heinz, Huggies, Rosella and Streets.
Now a new generation of grocery shoppers is fuelling strong growth in private label packaged and fresh groceries as the major retailers improve the quality of their own-brand offers and discount private label prices to differentiate their offer and drive customer loyalty.
Private label groceries now account for 21 per cent of packaged grocery sales in Australia, up from 18 per cent two years ago, and household penetration has reached 98 per cent.
Sales of private label brands such as Woolworths Macro and Select, Coles’ Finest and Aldi’s exclusive brands grew 6.6 per cent in 2014, according to Nielsen, outpacing the 2.4 per cent growth in total grocery sales.
Nielsen’s head of retail services, Kosta Conomos, expects private label sales to reach 25 per cent of the market in five years, fuelled by demand from so-called "millennials" and further product innovation and discounting.  Sydney Morning Herlad – Read more…

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