It’s not all about Coles and Woolies

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Much has been written about the hard-nosed approach to doing business of Coles and Woolworths, the country’s two largest grocery retailers. But they are not the only vehicles for businesses that want direct access to consumers.
NQR is one alternative that has built a name as a grocery clearance retailer. The company began in 1987, selling Four’N Twenty pies that were over- or underweight and had been rejected by the major retailers.
In recent years it has tweaked its offering. Once known as a "seconds" retailer that offered at greatly reduced prices canned goods, for example, with a small ding in them, the business now sees itself as a sales avenue for suppliers whose goods have been rejected by the majors. It buys stock the big grocers don’t want at greatly discounted prices, savings it can pass on to shoppers. Unlike the majors, NQR doesn’t offer rebates, seek compensation for shrinkage or charge for promotions.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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