Round Up: Massive fines for illegal tobacco retailing, Beaumont eyes expansion

 In Australia, NewZealand
It’s been 14 months since the Federal Government implemented plain packaging for tobacco products and the black market for these products has surged to its highest ever point, 13.3 per cent, leading to the various states governments investigating ways to combat this activity. 


The Victorian Government today announced that the penalty for selling illicit tobacco products, such as packs carrying branding, will be increased four-fold to $34,600 for an individual and $173,200 for a business. This news was immediately welcomed by legitimate retailers. 


“We support any measure that cracks down on the black market trade of tobacco, a market that has increased exponentially since the introduction of plain packaging and continues to flourish as a result of the relentless excise increases on legal tobacco products,” said Jeff Rogut, CEO of the Australian Association of Convenience Stores. Retail Biz – Read more…



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