My Chemist to give tablets to floor staff

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As part of a planned ‘hardware refresh’ My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse may soon distribute Dell tablets to pharmacy staff for use on the shop floor for point of sale and stock replenishment. 
Jules Cardinale, the group’s chief information officer, told CIO Australia that MyChemist was working with Dell to refresh all of the stores’ hardware over the next 18 months. 
Existing hardware includes PCs that are used at the point of sale and for drug prescriptions at the company’s 350 locations across Australia.
Now, My Chemist is considering providing mobile services – potentially 8-inch tablets – for use by its 9000 staff. 
“We want to use the tablets on the shop floor,” Mr Cardinale said.  
The tablets would be used for a… Pharmacy News – Read more…

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