Aldi blitzes Woolworths, Coles, Nielsen retail barometer finds

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When it comes to size and market clout, supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles have it all sewn up. But when it comes to leadership, their relationship with suppliers, strategies for success and innovation, smaller rival Aldi blitzes them, according to a confidential survey.
The Nielsen Retail Barometer 2013, a full copy of which is closely guarded by the retailers and suppliers, makes some bombshell findings, particularly as the debate rages over the power of the two rivals as they slog it out with price discounts, petrol discounts and other incentives.
It comes as the competition watchdog the ACCC continues its investigation of allegations that the supermarkets bully suppliers and the federal government prepares a root-and-branch review of competition next year, with the supermarkets in the spotlight.
The Nielsen report, which interviews shoppers, retailers and suppliers, says that only 1 per cent of shoppers believe trade promotions (the money paid by suppliers to the supermarkets for special pricing, display fixtures, rebates, demonstrations, gifts and bonuses) added value. To put it another way, 99 per cent of shoppers think trade promotions or trade spend is a waste of time and money.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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