Why Isn’t Your Business Using Tablets?

 In Australia, NewZealand

Small businesses are lagging behind larger ones in adopting tablet ncomputers, and it’s costing them in terms of lost productivity and cost nsavings. That’s the message of a 2012 survey of more than a thousand IT ndecision makers that found 47 percent of companies with fewer than 100 nemployees were using tablets, compared with 62 percent of larger ncompanies.


FirstPerson,n a 38-person benefits consulting firm in Indianapolis, is one of the nminority of small business employers that has embraced tablets. Mike nBensi, account executive, says about a dozen staff members who meet nclients outside the office carry iPads loaded with an internally ndeveloped app that replaces pencil and paper with a checklist for ngathering information. Mark Henricks, Open Forum – Read More.​

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