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Picture this: your sales reps are free of mind-numbing administrative tasks. They reignite their passion for generating sales, unburdened and ready to conquer the market. No longer drowning in data entry, reps can unleash their true potential and propel your business forward.

FMCG and pharma sales reps encounter numerous daily challenges, such as managing large product portfolios and staying up-to-date with constantly changing market dynamics. Too much sales administration causes stress which impacts productivity and job satisfaction.

High stress decreases motivation, impairs decision making and can lead to burnout. Mitigating stress is crucial. Sales is already a high-stress job. Decreasing tension where possible has big results.

A huge way to reduce stress is to make admin easier during the order taking process. Here’s three ways you can reduce administrative stress for your sales reps.

1. Stop using spreadsheets to track orders

Sales reps spend way too much time taking orders. They’re often stuck in their cars after a call punching order details into a spreadsheet. Or worse, they’re burning the midnight oil, desperately trying to remember a conversation from earlier that day. Sound familiar?

Sales reps need a system that enables them to process orders live and on-site. Processing orders onsite means no extra administration work, less errors and happier customers. 

Platforms like Purveyance allow sales reps to take orders on-site, even without the internet (we know regional reps don’t take the Internet for granted!).  A CRM built for sales teams in FMCG and pharma industries, Purveyance eliminates the need for manual data entry and time spent “catching-up” on what happened throughout the day’s calls.

2. Bring information into one place

Stop trawling through endless emails, cumbersome spreadsheets or file-sharing services. 

It’s frustrating when information is hard to find. I’ve spoken to many sales reps who are sick of spending valuable time searching for information.

An easy way to help your team is by consolidating your information. Centralise all relevant documents, sales information, and customer data in one accessible location. Platforms like Purveyance are user-friendly and allow easy access to necessary information. Sales reps can work without stopping to search for documents and reclaim precious time for what they do best – selling.

3. Plan the best travel routes

Transform your sales reps’ daily routines. 

Sales reps need to plan and optimise their day in advance to maximise customer visits. Without proper planning, they risk missed calls and lower sales.

Purveyance, a platform designed to address this challenge, offers a valuable solution by providing a route-mapping feature. With this feature, sales reps can plan and navigate the most efficient and effective paths to success. By utilising Purveyance, sales reps can feel confident that they have allocated enough time to engage with each customer during their visits.

Enhancing productivity through administrative efficiency

Reducing admin has a powerful result on productivity. We’ve seen that less admin allows reps to complete an extra 2-3 calls per day. 

We need to acknowledge the impact of administrative tasks on sales performance. The well-being of sales teams is crucial for organisations to support and maintain their operational efficiency effectively.

Using the right tools and technology will help you support your team and generate better results. 

Remove the common barriers sales reps face and watch your productivity skyrocket!

Read more about the Purveyance Sales Execution CRM and Purveyance Marketplace.

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