Southeast Asia: How to Win in This Booming Commerce Field

 In Australia

With Southeast Asia’s (SEA) consumer goods market valued at almost US$100 billion, it is rapidly becoming a choice destination for growth opportunities. In 2018 alone, SEA registered sales value growth of +3.3% as compared to 2017, and this growth is nearly double of that for the previous year. The stakes are increasingly high in this region, consisting of a growing middle class with increased spending power.
With the spotlight on the region, food takes up a larger portion of this growth (76%), although it is growing at a moderately smaller rate of +3.2% as compared to the non-food category, that exhibited a +3.6% growth rate. As such, business opportunities are available across diverse sectors, and firms can capitalize on interactive, multidisciplinary dynamics to increase product range or cultivate brand identity through various touch points. Nielsen – Read more…

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