Who’s Winning the Claim Game in the Pet Food Arena?

 In Australia

When it comes to the consumer product goods (CPG) industry, there’s ironically a few categories that aren’t actually intended for human consumers. Pet care is the perfect example. That said, however, discerning and knowledgeable consumers are just as focused on the health and wellness of their pets as they are on themselves.
So it should come as no surprise that ingredients and product attributes have become key focal points among consumers as they wander through the pet food aisles—both traditional and virtual. Including fresher and more natural ingredients parallels trends across human food, and the sales at the shelf are proof points.
According to Nielsen data, consumers spent $33 million on pet food with human-grade products over the past year. And you thought blueberries were just for your morning yogurt and carrots were just for your afternoon salad. Nielsen – Read more…

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