Grocery Sector Gains Momentum as Scorching Summer Boosts Sales

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After a slow start to the year, the warm weather this summer has been critical for bringing momentum to the retail sector in the lead up to the second half of 2018, with the last four weeks alone bringing industry growth of +4.2%.
During the last 12 weeks, the big four supermarkets (Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco) saw more shoppers, visiting more often and spending more at each visit as a result of the warmer temperatures and the prolonged heatwave. In the last week of July, when the hottest days of the year were recorded, retailers experienced the best growth of the four week period ending 11 August.
Value and volume growths are expected to remain positive going into H2, painting a very different picture to the same period last year where volumes were in decline. Nielsen – Read more…

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