Tops of 2017: Packaged Groceries

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In the fiercely competitive U.S. fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, successful retailers and manufacturers benefit from a deep understanding of shoppers’ preferences. In order to prepare for 2018, reflecting on the top 10 packaged grocery categories in the center of the store that saw sales grow in 2017 may help jumpstart assortment planning.Every year across both the perimeter and center aisles of grocery stores, some products stand out from the rest when it comes to top dollar sales. For the second year in a row, liquid tea led sales growth in the U.S. and were joined in the top 10 by three other beverage products, including liquid coffee, water and new age beverages. This could be due to the plethora of flavors and ingredients often found in these drinks that appeal to consumers who crave a variety drinks for in-home consumption or on-the-go. Vinegar and cooking wine, honey, and herb and spice seasoning are also categories on the top 10 growing categories, serving as versatile cooking ingredients across a diverse set of dishes that fit a variety of flavor profiles.
From the center of the store, here are the top 10 packaged grocery categories that captured America’s attention in 2017 and generated steep increases in dollar sales. Nielsen – Read more…

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