Conditions for Global FMCG Markets are Strengthening

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Backed by rising consumer confidence and optimism, many of the world’s economies are experiencing degrees of positive momentum. In some cases, that momentum is strong; in others, it’s subtle, but still worth noting. Despite consumer optimism and future spending intentions, shopping trends, behaviors and preferences remain in flux, requiring manufacturers and retailers to stay vigilant in staying abreast of where consumers are—and where they’re not.In terms of confidence, rising global consumer sentiment pushed Nielsen’s global consumer confidence index up one point in the third quarter, pushing the global average to 105 (up from 104 in the second quarter). The uptick represents a full year of confidence increases, as the index was at 99 back in third-quarter 2016. Southeast Asia, North America and Asia-Pacific all maintain confidence scores that are well above 100, with Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Latin America and Europe still striving to break scores of 90.
So what does the landscape look like for brands, manufacturers, businesses, marketers and retailers? That’s where our global Quarter by Numbers report series comes in, which combines macro-economic data, consumer insights, spending patterns and market commentary at both a regional and country level to help identify areas of opportunity around the world. Nielsen – Read more…

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