Uncommon Sense: The Modern Innovation Dilemma – First Mover or Best Mover?

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Brands armed with new products have always rushed to be first to market, as first movers often establish a stronghold that can be difficult for later entrants to break into. But being “first mover” at the expense of being “best mover” can often lead brands to competitive disadvantage.
For example, if you asked Americans today to name the first Greek yogurt brand that comes to mind, most would say Chobani—despite the fact that Fage beat Chobani to U.S. shelves by nearly a decade. Whereas Fage had established itself as a Greek yogurt for niche, health-conscious consumers, Chobani targeted the masses. Instead of focusing on plain yogurt or family-sized containers, Chobani offered single-serve yogurts in mainstream flavors—a familiar offering in a familiar package, but with the added protein and thicker texture of Greek yogurt.
Another example is Tagamet, an over-the-counter anti-acid medication that enjoyed considerable success before Zantac was launched. However, Zantac caused fewer side effects and could be taken less frequently—and, given these advantages, it eventually eclipsed its predecessor. Nielsen – Read more…

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