Metcash launches grassroots campaign to fight Aldi incursion

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Grocery wholesaler Metcash has kicked off a grassroots campaign to defend the market share of IGA retailers in South Australia and Western Australia ahead of a $700 million Aldi invasion.
As Aldi prepares to open two distribution centres and the first of as many as 120 stores in South Australia and Western Australia early next year, Metcash and IGA supermarkets are strengthening relationships with local food suppliers and building the IGA brand through mainstream and social media marketing and events such as the Adelaide show.
IGA retailers and suppliers are jumping on board, with brands such as Dunsborough-based ice cream maker Simmo’s offering taste testing at IGA stores and store owners selling discounted South Australian football league tickets to loyal customers.
Metcash is expected to reveal more details of its defence strategy on September 29, when the food, liquor and hardware wholesaler hosts its annual investor strategy day.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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