‘Snack and beverage co-purchases beat peanut butter and jelly!’ Frito-Lay CEO Tom Greco champions PepsiCo’s ‘Better Together’ policy

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Presenting at CAGNY 2015 in New York yesterday, Greco said: "The incidence of co-purchase between salty snacks and liquid refreshment beverage is higher than peanut butter and jelly.
"That’s because snacks and beverages occupy common demand spaces…The goal is really to understand the drivers of choice inside each demand space as it applies to food and beverage.
“For example, both Pepsi and Tostitos focus on the Fun Times Together demand space. The occasion is a social occasion. It involves friends, and fun is really the priority for this occasion. So we go very deep to understand it and capture the growth potential inside Fun Times Together," Greco said.  Beverage Daily – Read more…

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