New British executives have lessons for U.S. grocers

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With actors from the U.K. being well represented in the Oscar nominations, another area that Brits are excelling and being recognized in North America is in food and grocery.
Over the last two weeks Bi-Lo and Target are the latest retailers to recruit senior leaders with experience in the U.K. market. Meanwhile the path from Asda House in Leeds, U.K., to Bentonville is becoming increasingly well-trodden as Walmart continues to draw on its U.K. division for top talent.
These latest recruits, Ian McLeod at Bi-Lo, Mike McNamara at Target and Mark Ibbotson at Walmart, will join their fellow ex-pats including James McCann who is leading Ahold’s U.S. operations and Alex Gourlay who is now the top guy at Walgreens.
While they are undoubtedly attracted by the scale of opportunity in the U.S. market and their respective organizations, what do they bring to the table from the U.K. market?  Supermarket News – Read more…

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