CPG ready to leverage Internet of Things potential in 2015

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Over three decades ago, students at Carnegie Mellon University linked a Coke vending machine to the Internet, to see if the machine had enough stock. This made it the one of the first examples of the Internet of Things (IoT). This example is prophetic because the CPG industry has become the primary leader of IoT-related innovation, turning science fiction into reality.
This year, at least one global CPG brand intends to introduce sensor-enabled smart shelves for grocery outlets, which would help the brand to determine the gender and age of passing customers and then accordingly display targeted advertisements. This in fact is only one of the many examples that consumers can expect from brands as the latter gets ready to leverage IoT’s potential.
Internet of ThingsIn 2015, CPG brands will make IoT-related investment in two areas. The first would be within outlets, with an aim of boosting sales and bolstering consumer loyalty. For instance, mobile app shopkick rewards consumers with points, dubbed as kicks, on entering a particular area of an outlet or interact with promoted items by using location based information through their mobile phones. This kind of interaction can help consumers gain discounts on a product, and help brands boost consumer awareness.  Industry Report Store – Read more…

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