Retailers get creative to communicate with shoppers through in-store signage

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In an increasingly digital age, in-store signage might not come to the top of retailers’ minds when it comes to communicating with shoppers. Retailers and brands alike are always thinking of ways to innovate on mobile applications or social media platforms, but some are keeping an eye in the store and finding new ways to engage shoppers through in-store signage.
Whole Foods’ new Georgia flagship comes to mind as an example of a retailer innovating in the realm of in-store signage. The specialty retailer teamed with SapientNitro to incorporate digital signage to provide shoppers with information about where the foods they buy come from. From digital screens to touchscreens, Whole Foods shows shoppers information including an Instagram feed of produce being grown by local farmers and recommendations for products containing vitamins and protein.
“We wanted to bring in some cool digital elements, but we didn’t want that to detract from the shopping experience,” Whole Foods’ Social and Digital Media Specialist Matt Courtoy told Adweek.  SmartBlogs – Food & Beverage – Read more…

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