The three ‘Cs’ driving Kraft’s go-to-market strategy

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Eighteen months after the Kraft Foods Group set a course following its separation from Mondelez International, the company is facing an “unprecedented confluence of factors that has the potential to change the way we operate for perhaps decades to come,” said Tony Vernon, chief executive officer.
Mr. Vernon told the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference taking place this week in Boca Raton that the question he most often receives from industry observers is what has most surprised him over the past 18 months?
“What surprised us most has been the pace of change in the markets we serve, what is being bought, where it is being bought and how purchases are influenced,” he said.
Mr. Vernon called current events the “three ‘Cs’ of change,” and include consumers, customers and communication.
“The face and behavior of the North American consumer is undergoing dramatic change, income, demographics, (and) values,” he said. “The first aspect of our change in consumer base and probably the one that has been talked about the most for the past several months is the bifurcation of consumer spending power.  Food Business News – Read more…

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