Pharmacy judged on harm minimisation of codeine-based drugs

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The continuation of current scheduling for codeine-containing products will be dependent upon attempts by pharmacy to reduce harmful misuse, a leading pharmacist believes.

Speaking at the launch of a new joint Pharmacy Guild of Australia/PSA initiative to promote safe use of codeine-containing drugs, Irvine Newton, chair of the PSA Harm Minimisation subcommittee said the profession would be judged on its successful implementation, and a reduction in harmful use of these medicines. 


The initiative, promoted by Reckitt Benckiser, will see warning labels placed on all Nurofen Plus products in 2014. 


As an interim measure until packaging changes are implemented, pharmacists will receive in the next fortnight a kit containing warning stickers that can be used on all over-the-counter (OTC) codeine-containing products highlighting the recommended period of use for pain relief of three days and that codeine can cause addiction. Contact – Read more…



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