eftpos moves forward and trials digital payment option

 In Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths
eftpos is attempting to a take a new, low-cost approach to secure online and mobile digital payments through a new trial in partnership with two banks and a large retailer.

The trial, which will involve Commonwealth Bank, Coles and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and up to 50 merchants, will see the trial of ‘eftpos digital payments,’ a mobile solution that could be used on any smartphone without costly additional hardware, and had the potential to work with a range of technologies such as Wireless, NFC, Bluetooth and QR Codes.

eftpos managing director Bruce Mansfield said the trial is a major step forward for the company because it would bring eftpos, Australia’s most-used payments service, into the online and mobile environments via a secure digital payments platform for the first time.

“The trial ‘eftpos digital payments’ solution is designed to be a secure, real-time and low-cost solution for the industry because it leverages existing payments infrastructure and other assets such as merchant terminals he said.

“It enables eftpos and its Members to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape, while preserving existing relationships with customers. Retail Biz – Read more…

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