Pharmacy supply of anti-fungal medications “poor”: study

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The majority of pharmacy staff inappropriately supply non-prescription anti-fungal medication to treat vaginal thrush, indicating a need for new strategies to improve current practice, experts believe. 
An Australian study led by Carl Schneider, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, involving 100 metropolitan community pharmacies, found that in the majority of cases, pharmacy staff inappropriately supplied anti-fungal medications to two simulated female patients, with symptoms inconsistent with vaginal thrush and without a prior history of the condition. 
The study analysed the appropriateness of supply and referral to a medical practitioner based on either a product-based request for oral anti-fungal, Diflucan (fluconazole), or the topical anti-fungal, Canestan (clotrimazole).
The presence of an existing PSA guideline for the supply of fluconazole, but not for… Pharmacy News – Read more…

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