Shopa Dockets, Mailout Offers, etc… Are you truly being rewarded for your loyalty?

 In Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths
As the primary grocery shopper of our household, it is extremley frustrating when retailers such as Coles and Woolworths provide loyalty bonuses, but only if we take a piece of paper with us to be scanned.


Even making these loyalty offers available on a smartphone for scanning is still a long way from rewarding loyalty, as there are those who do not have a smartphone or may not have it at all times.


Most shoppers will and do carry around plastic loyalty cards, so why is it that the retailers can’t or don’t automatically give the reward by the simple act of presenting your loyalty card.  Instead, shoppers are required to provide their loyalty card as well as some additional piece of paper so that they can receive their reward.  So are these really loyalty rewards or are they a reward for following an archaic practice?


Surely in this modern technology world we live in, the retailers could do away with needing to scan the additional barcode.  Better still, why don’t they offer a percentage discount on the entire basket, based on your level of loyalty and or spend?  After all, there is more talk about variable pricing, which would have to be more complex to implement than using the consumers existing reward card number.

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