Putting fun back into shopping

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Can a Japanese retail icon help open our wallets?


When Darren Lehmann took over as coach of the beleaguered Australian cricket team a couple of weeks ago, he encouraged his charges to see playing cricket as a fun thing to be do again, rather than as a stressful job. In Lehmann’s credo, having a bit of fun was the key to unlocking the players’ best performances. Results on the field quickly improved.
Kit Cheong hopes that putting the fun back into shopping will have a similar effect on Australian consumers, helping to unlock their tightly closed purses and wallets. She is the CEO of the Australian subsidiary of Japan-based variety store chain Daiso, which has just opened a 900-metre flagship store at Westfield Parramatta in suburban Sydney. It is Daiso’s fourth store in Australia but easily its largest.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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