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Today, we’re diving into a tale of business transformation that’s not just about increasing sales; it’s about making your life easier, and it involves everybody’s favourite things: food and a dash of tech wizardry. Monde Nissin Australia, known for bringing us the likes of Menora S&D, Black Swan dips, and Nudie Juice, decided it was time to shake things up in their sales department.

Now, you might think, “What’s so fun about a CRM solution?” Well, hang on, because Monde Nissin’s quest for CRM excellence is anything but ordinary.

Monde Nissin's quest for CRM excellence

Meet Monde Nissin Australia

These guys have been in the food game for over 35 years. They’re like the grandmasters of deliciousness. They’ve expanded their food empire to over 45 countries and have an army of over 3,000 talented people working for them worldwide. In Australia, they’ve got a dedicated team running the show, including a field team that make around 2,000 customer calls a month. Impressive, right?

But, and there’s always a ‘but’ in these stories, their CRM/order-taking platform was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave. Brent Fennell, their National Sales Operations Manager, was on the hunt for something better. Something that could give their team a proper ‘Sales IQ’ boost without driving them crazy.

The challenges

Let’s talk about the drama they faced. First up, information access? Forget about it! Their old system couldn’t provide essential details like product information, pricing, and call activities.

Ordering? Oh boy, retailers were still using carrier pigeons or something. No one knew the full product range, and that’s like shopping in the dark.

Secondary orders? Well, if they couldn’t physically visit a store, they might as well send smoke signals for all the good it did.

Not to mention the admin overload. It was enough to turn anyone into a full-time paper pusher. Order processing, report generation, data collection – the whole shebang. Stress levels? Through the roof!

The search for a hero

In the midst of all this chaos, Brent and the gang went on a quest for a ‘Sales IQ’ platform. They weren’t looking for just another order-taking gadget; they wanted a game-changer. They evaluated over 100 aspects like pros – looking at reporting, HR, field team features, admin perks, and benefits for retailers.

And guess what? They found it! They stumbled upon Purveyance – the one that would save the day.

According to Brent, “It was more than just an ordering platform. It was a true sales IQ system.” Purveyance checked all the boxes. They even got to set up email subscriptions for reporting – no more manual report generation.

“It was like they really listened to what we wanted to try and achieve,” Brent said. A configurable platform to suit their needs was like a dream come true.

The results and benefits

Now, for the fun part – the results! First, the administrative burden was gone! No more drowning in paperwork. Purveyance made everything a breeze, from order-taking to data analytics.

In-store execution was easy peasy! They could track everything, take photos, complete surveys – it was like having their own well-organised all-in-one network.

Not to mention efficiency and productivity went through the roof. The team wasn’t wasting time on the road anymore. They went from spending 35% of their day travelling to just 27%. That’s more time for selling, less time for traffic jams.

Their stress levels went way down which meant job satisfaction went way up! With fewer admin tasks, the team was all smiles.

Expanding to the marketplace

Now, they didn’t stop there. Monde Nissin decided to kick it up a notch and expand to the Purveyance Marketplace in 2023. After a successful trial, they brought the good stuff to other mainland states. Retailers were loving it.

Orders went up because retailers could explore more products, and the sales team had real-time data to make smart decisions. They even attracted some new customers through the clever cycle-deal notifications and emails that Purveyance Marketplace automatically sends out to their retailers. It was like a party, and everyone was invited!

Retailers were no longer burdened with making phone calls, or sending emails to place orders. Instead they could now conveniently place orders on their own, reducing the administrative hassle for both retailers and the Monde Nissin team.

The increase in product visibility was a dream come true. It not only encouraged retailers to diversify their orders, but also allowed Monde Nissin to showcase their products more effectively. Special promotions and new products didn’t go unnoticed, resulting in higher sales and a stronger marketing presence.

An unexpected Christmas miracle

And here’s the kicker – they even sorted out their Christmas orders! No more Excel spreadsheets and manual input. The sales team could put Christmas orders directly into the platform. It saved them countless hours and potential errors. It was like Santa’s elves getting a major upgrade.

So, there you have it. Monde Nissin Australia’s journey with Purveyance – a tale of transformation, laughter, and lots of delicious food. They went from chaos to CRM clarity.

If you’re looking to revolutionise your CRM experience, just like Monde Nissin, and increase your sales, it might be time to discover the Purveyance difference. Who knew CRMs could be this fun?

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