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Time is a precious commodity and convenience is king, especially when trying to reach new retailers. The bombardment of emails from different brands and owners, coupled with time constraints and the need to juggle numerous login credentials often hinder retailers from engaging with brands.

Recognising these challenges, Purveyance Marketplace has revolutionised the way brands and retailers interact. With 5500 retailers in our network, Purveyance Marketplace maximises reach, impressions, and visibility.

Hear me out, I’m going to take you through two different scenarios and you pick which one you’d prefer (I think I probably already know the answer)…

Scenario 1: Your own e-commerce portal

Imagine your brand is getting ready to launch an e-commerce portal. You’ve spent time, money and effort building a website, putting your products online and deciding on your cycle deals. Launch day arrives, and… Crickets…

You forgot a crucial step – an engaged audience…

Now, you have to invest more time, effort and money into marketing and advertising so your customers know you’re online!

Scenario 2: Purveyance Marketplace

You spend some time picking your cycle deals and putting your products online. Launch day arrives and… Your cycle deals are sent to thounsands of retailers at no extra cost, and within 5 hours you receive requests from 7 new retailers wanting to stock your product.

Which scenario would you pick? I think the preference is pretty obvious – scenario 2 of course! In a very simplified nutshell, this is the power of Purveyance Marketplace!

The Purveyance Marketplace brings the concept of unity to the forefront. It seamlessly creates a dedicated e-commerce portal for every brand, centred around the brand. In addition, retailers are more inclined to engage because it prioritises their convenience by having all their favourite brands accessible in one place, with one login. Retailer’s don’t want to remember hundreds of URLs, usernames, and passwords to shop with each individual brand!
I know what you’re thinking… “But, Frank! That means my products will be shown right next to competitors!”
Guess what? They won’t!

Purveyance is designed as if each brand has their own ‘e-commerce store’ within the Purveyance Marketplace. I like to think of it like an exclusive shopping centre. Everything a shopper needs is under one roof, but they have to walk into each store to see that brand’s products.

Not only is it an exclusive shopping centre, but you wield the power to curate product displays, select categories of retailers and control visibility. It’s like having a security guard at the front of each shop holding a store guestlist. If a shopper approaches the door with interest and intent to buy, the guard will radio to the shop owner (you) to confirm whether they fit the bill.

Purveyance Marketplace bridges the gap between brands and retailers. Brands select which retailers receive cycle deal offers, ensuring personalised marketing emails that feature deals tailored to each recipient.
Purveyance Marketplace drives an average order value increase of over 168%.

In addition to being a comprehensive marketplace, the marketing opportunities within the platform are numerous and strategic – and you don’t even have to lift a finger!

Once you confirm your cycle deals within the Purveyance Marketplace, retailers will receive a landing page displaying their deals, dynamic emails and new product alerts. Even if customers opt out of emails, platform notifications remain active!

I’ve seen brands experience increased sales during cycle deal periods, reaping benefits at the beginning and end of each cycle. A cycle deal sent out in the morning can lead to an influx of interested retailers by the afternoon.
I recently had one brand receive 7 new retailer enquiries within a few hours of sending out their cycle deal.

Not only is this a benefit to marketing, but it also empowers sales representatives by offering real-time insights into customer orders, product training, and optimising shelf displays.

Purveyance Marketplace is more than just a platform; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s an opportunity to align with a new way of conducting business, a world where pens and paper are replaced by modern, efficient tools. The path to success is clear: reach, impressions, visibility, and engagement – all underpinned by cutting-edge technology and strategic marketing.

The question isn’t whether you want your product to be seen by over 5500 retailers; it’s whether you’re ready to embrace the future and let Purveyance Marketplace be your conduit to success.

Read more about the Purveyance Sales Execution CRM and Purveyance Marketplace.

Purveyance Marketplace Introduction Video
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