The practices that set outperforming B2B sales organizations apart

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B2B sales organizations

“The practices that set outperforming B2B sales organizations apart—what they do differently and what capabilities they are prioritizing. The results point to three areas: they free up seller time for customer-facing activities, they prioritize the most valuable opportunities, and they do a better job developing high-performing talent.” – McKinsey.
The Purveyance Sales & Marketing platform is the vehicle that has helped companies achieve these outcomes.

The Purveyance Marketplace has freed-up seller time to allow greater face-to-face collaboration and relationship building.

The Purveyance Sales Execution CRM gets field sales teams to focus and prioritise their attention to the areas most needed. This in-turn also helps develop a high performing sales team that enjoys improved mental health.

Learn more from the McKinsey article “How top performers outpace peers in sales productivity“.

Read more about the Purveyance Sales Execution CRM and Purveyance Marketplace.

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