How to increase category growth with distribution

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How to increase category growth with distribution

Are you on a quest to expand your market reach and increase product visibility? 

Optimising distribution channels offers benefits that can significantly contribute to category growth, such as:

  • Market penetration
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved retailer relationships

In this article, I’ll unravel the secrets of effective distribution. I’ll show practical steps to unleash the power of Purveyance’s distribution features. We can help you slice through the competition, paving the way for unstoppable category growth.

Analyse comprehensive reports for product ranges

Purveyance’s Field Distribution reports are like having a treasure map, it’s the most comprehensive platform available to the market for product ranging. The report provides valuable insights into the coverage and effectiveness of your distribution efforts. It points out opportunities to enhance product availability. With this knowledge, you can assemble the ultimate product lineup. This will ensure your brand is always ready to save the day! 

Discover your gains and losses

Imagine you’re a detective of the supermarket realm. Your mission? To solve the mystery of market penetration and distribution gains and losses.

Your trusty magnifying glass allows you to zoom in on the changes in distribution over time. Each call, sales reps capture the facings of each product and enter them into Purveyance, giving them the secrets of distribution gains and losses. 

Armed with your insights, you can level up your game. You can even target new stores for expansion and refining distribution strategies. 

Increase your facings

Each product on the shelf is vying for the spotlight. Analysing the facings report allows you to gauge your share of the shelf. It’s a battle of visibility, where businesses measure their prominence against competitors.

Through assessment of market share and speaking with the merchandising team, companies can increase the prominence and exposure of their products. Consumers are enchanted by the carefully optimised facings. 

Nobody wants to share the shelf

The share-of-shelf report is the ultimate measuring stick for product and brand greatness!

The shelves of a store are where products and brands come to life. The share-of-shelf report measures the proportion of shelf space each product occupies within a specific category.

Through the facing data capture by sales reps, the share-of-shelf report reveals who’s dominating the stage and who needs a little more magic.

Companies can unlock the secret formula to success by monitoring and improving share-of-shelf, and summoning consumer attention. 

Find your missing products

While the field distribution report focuses on the products in the store, the missing products report looks at the gaps and identifies areas for improvement.

It examines: 

  • Missing products
  • Empty shelf spaces
  • Problems that need attention

This view allows for an analysis of what needs addressing and where the focus should be.

The missing products report is crucial for ensuring planogram conformance (how the product should be displayed on the shelf in supermarkets). It also identifies any operational issues that may impact distribution. 

By addressing missing products promptly, companies can maintain a consistent product offering and prevent consumer dissatisfaction and support category growth.

With Purveyance’s distribution features and strategic analysis of distribution data, businesses can optimise their distribution channels, increase product availability, and ultimately achieve remarkable category growth. 

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