In Today’s Hyperconnected World, Convenience is the Ultimate Currency

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If it seems like everyday life is growing increasingly hectic, you’re not alone in feeling that way. Access to seemingly endless information and fingertip access to anything and everything has added convenience to our already busy lives while simultaneously creating a perception that we can actually do more with our waking hours.
As a result, global consumers are actively seeking ways to keep pace with an accelerated lifestyle. Shortcuts and automation are top of mind as we chase ways to overcome everyday obstacles to effortless living. For fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, the task at hand involves adapting and enhancing their solutions to do more than keep pace—they’ll need to stay ahead of the pace by understanding how consumer demand will change and what solutions will help.
When it comes to convenience, retail concepts are among the most referenced, especially small, physical store formats and the growing e-commerce environment. But the perception of convenience isn’t limited to a specific store format or virtual aisle. Consumer shopper missions are shaping the retail landscape. Globally, our global retail growth strategies survey found that 46% of consumers view shopping as a chore; and it’s no wonder, with consumers coping with busy lifestyles, commuting times and smaller living spaces. Nielsen – Read more…

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