Banning plastic bags is right so deal with it

 In Australia, Coles, Woolworths

Good on Woolworths and now Coles for banning plastic bags. People had plenty of warning. Woolworths announced back on July 14 last year it was banning plastic bags. I’m a Woolworths shopper and I got told every visit for at least the last month. Staff had been briefed, and they delivered the message pleasantly and professionally.
We live in the Entitled Toddler era of customer behaviour, with unlimited scope to vent gripes on social media. Sometimes it’s justified, but in this case: people should suck it up. Plastic bags are undoubtedly bad for the world and for every bag whiner, there will be 10 people who think: good work Woolworths and Coles, I like you better because you’ve done the right thing. They won’t be posting angry social rants about it.
If you can afford to shop at Woolworths or Coles, you can afford less than a dollar for six reusable shopping bags. In my area, all their fresh produce is more than double the price of the family fruit shop next door to it. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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