Woolworths slammed for new plastic bag charge as the supermarket doubles down on ban by floating idea of BYO containers for meat and fish

 In Australia, Woolworths

Woolworths became the first major Australian supermarket to remove single-use plastic bags from their stores as the chain considers letting shoppers bring in their own Tupperware for meat and fish products.
But now shoppers say the extra $3.50 charge for groceries delivered and unpacked to their homes is too high and rival Coles doesn’t charge for its crate-to-bench service at all.
Some customers have said the $3.50 charge to reduce packaging is hypocritical considering no efforts were made to avoid excess packaging with the regular $1 plastic bag delivery service.
‘You charge me an extra dollar for my plastic bags to encourage a reduction in plastic bag use,’ one woman wrote on social media on Monday.
‘But you put my sealed meat, every single item, vegetables and cat food tins in plastic bags! Are you joking!! I’ll have that dollar back thanks.’ msn – Read more…

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