Coles restricts access to baby formula in some NSW stores

 In Australia, Coles

Baby formula will be joining razors and cigarettes behind the counter at some NSW supermarkets to ensure local parents have enough to feed their infants.
Coles has put baby formula behind the counter.
Coles has put baby formula behind the counter.
Photo: Reddit/puppy2010
It comes after reports that some baby formula brands, worth between $25-$35 for a one-kilogram tin, were being bought in bulk from Australian supermarkets and on-sold to China for a profit of $100 per tin.
Over recent years Aussie mums have turned to social media and other platforms to express their frustration about not being able to get the brands their babies like, or need because they have dietary issues.
It comes after a series of fatal formula scares in China in recent years which made Chinese parents desperate to get their hands on safe products. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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