Do local brands Matter in the Pacific?

 In Australia, NewZealand

Consumers today have access to a wider array of products than ever before thanks to globalisation and connectivity. So when it comes to country of origin, just how much does being a ‘local’ or ‘global’ brand influence the purchasing behaviour of consumers in Australia and New Zealand?

The annual Nielsen Global Brand-Origin Report highlights consumers’ preference for, and sentiment toward, products manufactured by local manufacturers versus large global/multinational brands across 34 categories.

Around the world and across the Pacific, the dairy category (milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt) comes out on top as having the strongest consumer preference for local brands. More than half of all consumers opt for local dairy brands, highlighting the importance of sourcing perishable goods as close to the place of origin as possible, due to concerns over freshness and quality. Increased awareness and focus on the benefits of supporting our local dairy farmers, particularly in Australia in recent years, may also be contributing to consumer preference for local brands in this category. Nielsen – Read more…

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