Public health groups slam removal of pre-approval of complementary medicine advertisements

 In Australia, NewZealand
Health groups have raised alarm about a new bill that, if passed, would see the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) abandon the pre-approval process of advertisements for complementary and alternative medicines.While they support many elements of the therapeutic goods amendment bill, groups ranging from Choice to the Consumers Health Forum say the amendment to abolish the pre-approval process in favour of self-regulation and larger penalties is worrying and should be reconsidered.
"People could die in the period between the shutdown of pre-approval of advertisements and the post-marketing prosecutions replacing them," said Professor John Braithwaite, a regulatory expert at the Australian National University (ANU).
The groups want the amendment to be reviewed, or at the very least, the pre-approval system to be maintained until it can be shown the new rules are successfully stopping companies from misleadingly advertising ineffective or even harmful products. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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