Craving a Snack? Chances are High You’ll Reach for Something Salty

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Americans love to snack, but the reason they do and what they snack on, can depend on a variety of reasons including where they live, gender, generation and income. Regardless of why consumers snack, knowing what they snack on is key to ensuring the right assortment of products is available to the right consumers in the store aisles.
As eating preferences evolve and tastes change, American consumers still reach for sweet and salty snacking staples when they need something to tide them over until their next meal. Salty snacks, including chips, popcorn and meat snacks, still reign supreme among Americans looking to satisfy their snack cravings, generating more than $27 billion in sales across Nielsen-measured U.S. retail stores for the year-ended April 1, 2017. Sweets aren’t too far behind, with candy raking in more than $20 billion, followed by cookies with sales in excess in $7 billion. Nielsen – Read more…

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