Retailers are counting on these new trends to make bricks-and-mortar shopping popular again

 In Australia, NewZealand
With the influx of global retail brands into Australia and the imminent arrival of Amazon, local retailers are scrambling to raise the quality of their fit-outs, install better lighting and harness new technology to keep luring customers into their stores.
“Ten years ago, there was quite a difference between stores in, say, London and stores in Sydney and Melbourne,” says Brendon Atkinson, sales and marketing manager with Storepro, which specialises in commercial and retail spaces.
“There wasn’t the same emphasis on retail style in Australia and New Zealand as there was in Europe and parts of Asia where they had a lot more competition. But now we have more competition here, we’re paying much more attention to fit-outs, lighting, materials and design and ideas coming from overseas. That’s been a huge driver of change.”
Interactive windows, instore displays and ‘experience’ opportunities are becoming much more commonplace now, says Atkinson. US companies like Chobani have designed whole cafes to promote their yoghurt, rather than just displaying them in the supermarket aisles, while Kellogg’s opened a cereal cafe in New York’s Times Square last year where customers can taste their offerings in the hope of building brand loyalty and, later, sales. Commercial Real Estate – Read more…

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