Aldi has the cheapest grocery basket in Australia, Choice survey finds

 In Aldi, Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths
Australian shoppers can save almost $80 on a basket of shopping by replacing leading supermarket brand products with those of the budget product range at Aldi.
The dollar figure was determined in the latest supermarket price survey from consumer group Choice, which compared the average cost of a basket of 33 items at Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.
Each basket included 28 packaged products and five fresh fruit and vegetable items, including beef mince, eggs, chicken breast, apples, broccoli and potatoes.
Conducted by undercover shoppers in 110 Australian supermarkets in March, the survey found the German discounter offered the cheapest basket of budget brand groceries, at $91.76. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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