The end is nigh: Melbourne Bunnings reveals meat-free sausage sizzle

 In Australia, Bunnings, NewZealand
Forget North Korea threatening to bomb the world or the White House melting down in controversy.
A potentially bigger event is dividing our nation, taking place at a Mentone Bunnings in Melbourne over the weekend.
Stunned tradies and DIYers staggered away in disbelief when they discovered that the snags being sold were….meat free.
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
The Cheltenham Cat Rescue group was behind the vegan snag sale, and according to group founder, some folks were not too happy about it.
“I think maybe some people were disappointed to come to Bunnings ready to buy a sausage and it’s not traditional fare – some people were a bit angry, we had the odd Oscar-winning performance but most people asked questions and many gave them a try”, Reus told the Herald Sun.  MSN – Read more…

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